FGAS Logbooks

Vectis Refrigeration Ltd can provide:

  • FGAS auditing, including preparation of logbooks and leak checking.
  • Regular submission of FGAS register

F-Gas compliance standards on many commercial refrigeration and air conditioning sites fall short of mandatory requirements. The poor records expose end users to the risk of legal action that could include fines up to £5000

The industry needs to review current approaches to ensure that F-Gas requirements are fully met, and clients better informed about their responsibilities. A key element is the need to maintain detailed records on site for activities involving work on all F-Gas-containing equipment.

Will Overton from Vectis Refrigeration Ltd said “The F-Gas Regulation lays down strict requirements for record keeping, designed to ensure a log is available on site for all operations affecting F-Gas plant.

This has to include a log sheet for every applicable F-Gas asset, and record all mandatory leak tests carried out, whether any leaks are identified and if any remedial work is required, with a record of all refrigerant moved in/out of the plant.”

He stressed: “Importantly, there is a requirement to log all top-ups of FGas refrigerant made to equipment. Full records should be kept for at least five years. This is designed to ensure there is a continuous log of F-Gas-related work.”

The reality, however, he said, is that on-site F-Gas records are at best inconsistent or poorly presented, with no annual summary or management review. And at worst non-existent, providing no documentary evidence of F-Gas work, in contravention of the law.

The requirement applies to all systems containing more than 5 tonnes CO2-equivalent of F-Gas, and includes the common refrigerants R134a, R410A, R407C and R404A. In the case of the latter this is as little as 1.27KG of the refrigerant.

The obligation came into force on 16 April 2014, with the introduction of EC Regulation 517/2014, updating the previous 2007 Regulation.

In some cases, there is some form of register or fragmented service record, but the information is incomplete or out-of-date and very difficult to review, meaning equipment owners are not compliant.

To help end users comply, Vectis Refrigeration Ltd can carry out individual F-Gas inspections  which keep track of all F-Gas equipment and maintains an up-to-date record of relevant data, ensuring compliance with all mandatory requirements. This service is offered free as part of a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) agreement or new installations.

It is based on multi asset registers for all relevant F-Gas equipment on a site or estate, with an annual summary sheet for each year.

This highlights key issues and helps managers understand the impact of their F-Gas assets and identify trends so that improvements can be made. It is particularly valuable when used as part of a wider programme of carbon reduction management for a building or estate.

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At Vectis Refrigeration we offer businesses of all sizes PPM for their commercial Refrigeration and Air conditioning systems. Each PPM package is designed to meet the needs of the individual business and systems in place and ensure full FGas compliance.

As part of every PPM package our Refcom certified engineers carry out scheduled visits to keep your system efficient and FGas compliant all-year-round. On your behalf we will maintain your FGas records to keep you legally compliant with FGas regulation.


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