Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys can help save your business thousands of pounds! Poor insulation, roof leaks, and electrical malfunctions are some of the many faults this awesome kit can detect.

Vectis Refrigeration thermal surveys can be conducted during normal working conditions. We will supply you with a concise report following the visit highlighting any areas that require further attention.

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Just think of the number of motors, circuit breakers, and other electrical equipment in your building – are you confident they’re all working properly?

Thermal imagers allow you to take measurements from a distance,making them ideal for finding issues in equipment that could pose a safety issue to workers or are hard to reach.  We can easily detect circuits that are overheating or motor bearings that are about to fail.

Thermal imagers are also used to find loose connections. Dirt will create additional resistance over time, which causes them to overheat. You can actually lose one of the phases of a three-phase system, putting you at risk of a power failure or fire.

Thermal imaging is also currently the only way to detect if solar panel installations are working at maximum capacity.

The most common problem – and the one easiest to detect – is heat loss from walls, piping, HVAC components, doors, and windows.

Infrared cameras can’t read air temperature, but they can measure the impact of that air temperature on a surface, such as the grilles on a vent. You can use this information to determine if the air flow is sufficient to disburse heat or cooling in a room. You may find that you have air infiltration from the windows, so no matter how appropriate the temperature is coming out of the vent, the room will never have the right thermal balance.



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