Refcom Elite Accreditation

Another first for Vectis Refrigeration Ltd.

Cowes based Vectis Refrigeration ltd. has attained Refcom Elite Fgas Certification, the first company on the Isle of Wight to do so. Fgas registration is a legal requirement for those carrying out installation, maintenance or servicing of equipment containing F-Gas refrigerants, such as those used in Air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Refcom elite accreditation reflects best practice in refrigerant management and shows that Vectis Refrigeration Ltd are a company that works to industry codes of practice and fully comply with the latest industry legislation, in addition to undergoing regular auditing to ensure they follow correct procedures.

Will Overton, who started Vectis Refrigeration, adds: “We are proud to be the first to hold this important accreditation. Something which confirms to our customers that all our engineers hold the relevant qualifications and work to correct procedures at all times, this is in the best interest of our clients their sites and equipment and is a core value of Vectis Refrigeration Ltd.”

Proud to be the only IOW Refcom Elite Accredited HVACR company

Vectis Refrigeration is now the only company on the Island to hold both Safe Contractor Accreditation and Fgas Elite Certification, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety, and excellence in all aspects of its service, including fully audited procedures for the proper control of refrigerants and that all refrigerant movements can be accounted for using appropriate, purpose-designed refrigerant recovery equipment.  

Giving all their customers across the Isle of Wight peace of mind and the assurance that as the only Refcom Elite Fgas Certified provider Vectis Refrigeration, not only install, commission and maintain a systems using refrigerant but also decommission systems to the highest standards.

Furthermore Vectis Refrigeration, are able to now certify that systems are compliant with all current legal requirements – essential for all those across the island that use any form of refrigerant. Not only Restaurants, Cafes, Hotel, Pubs, Care Homes and Schools but also manufacturing and other businesses that use refrigeration products as a fundamental part of their business or manufacturing process.

Refcom was established in 1994 and appointed by the secretary of state for the environment, food & rural affairs (DEFRA) to be the official F-Gas Certification body under the stationary equipment provisions of fluorinated greenhouse gases regulations. Managing the Register of Companies that Handle Refrigerants.

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