Refrigerant Options

Vectis Refrigeration Ltd has a concerning but important message for businesses reliant on refrigeration to listen to:

“Refrigeration and air conditioning is changing dramatically because the refrigerants (gases) we have used for decades are being phased out due to environmental legislation. Brexit or not, the UK will be driven by the same legislation and this brings a knock-on effect to the end user. We estimate that around 70% of Isle of Wight businesses uses refrigerant in its equipment that during 2018 will simply not be available in the UK.  To date we have seen 40% to 60% price increases month on month for refrigerant and this is set to continue.”

Will (director of Vectis Refrigeration Ltd.) went on to say: “I think it’s important that island businesses are aware of the changes that are happening. We hope that our proactive approach can make a difference to tough decisions that need to be taken because of refrigerant phase down and the costs that are incurred as a direct result of this process. Vectis Refrigeration Ltd can help all island businesses with their refrigerant strategy in light of these issues to provide ‘best practice’ solutions for their individual needs going forwards both short and long term.”

Will has commissioned this comprehensive 7 page guide by leading UK refrigeration consultancy Cool Concerns for his customers. You can read it below:

Refrigerant Strategy – Vectis Refrigeration Ltd


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