Chaos for A/C end users

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We have committed to recommending our customers install R32 Air Conditioning systems on any new installations in order to be future proof amidst these changes to our industry. Beware there will be a lot of kit that is or is close to being obsolete left on wholesalers shelves.. Cheap in the short term maybe, but possibly a nightmare in the future. Why not give us a call on 01983 623100 or take a look at our website and let us help you with your refrigerant strategy.

Read more about the issues arising here:

UK: The failure of the refrigeration industry to move away from R404A looks set to cause major problems for the air conditioning sector this year with quotas being placed on the sale of R410A.

Under the European F-gas phase down timetable, the European industry is faced with a cut of 37% in HFC refrigerant supply this year. As a result, established wholesalers have been impelled to impose their own quotas on certain gases to existing customers, while in many cases turning away new customers. 

But, while severe restrictions on the high GWP refrigerant R404A were predicted, air conditioning contractors are finding that sales of R410A are also being restricted.

The situation has led Graeme Fox of F-gas certification body Refcom to accuse some wholesalers of maintaining stocks of R404A at the expense of R410A.

Writing on the Refcom website, he said: “It has come to our attention in recent days that some wholesalers are still encouraging the use of R404A by maintaining large stocks of that gas while restricting the sale of other medium GWP gases such as R410A despite there being no alternative for a great many applications yet for R410A.” Read more…

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