World Refrigeration Day

In the build up to #WREFD19 World Refrigeration day 2019 later in June, we’re looking for businesses who utilise refrigeration technology as part of what they do day to day who would be willing to talk to us on our Vlog about how that technology is vital in their business.

I propose a 30 second elevator pitch followed by some Q&A about the business and how refrigeration is a part of it, plus video of the technology in use.
Ideally Island (Isle of Wight, UK) based to start, working on the south coast and further afield as the need grows. Perhaps you know someone who uses a refrigeration technology in order to run their business, It could be Doctors and or Nurses, Fishermen, Farmers & Florists, Food distribution, Food & Drink production, Composites, Pharmaceutical, Body Storage… Education Centres, Manufacturers, Research facilities. It could be direct refrigeration, chilled water, Air/Ground Source Heat pumps, comfort cooling.

Give Will a call to discuss this further. 07473079456
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